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Stunner Alert
Big is beautiful, but beautiful is even better !

Our man in the UK Rik is defiantly having his fair share of stunning scaley carp lately. The New XC7 hooks finding their mark again, with the help of the New Reptilian hook link and Last Meter terminal components.

Rik presented a Trusty Baits Krusty Crab boilie tipped off with a matching white pop up snowman style and a small PVA bag of pellets at the bottom of a marginal shelf of an island. Well the rest is history!
Small But Chubby
Small but chubby isn't the best characterization or compliment in this world, but when it comes to carp it certainly is. Just have a look at this beautiful fellow.

We received this picture report from our Dutch friend, Mark Witte, who caught this fish on a local canal with the good aid of our Prologic C3 rods.

It's all happening out there!
A Change of Tactics
Here's a good mirror, which was recently caught by Prologic manager Enrico Parmeggiani, fishing with a single 16mm Hi-Viz pop-up. While fishing on his spot, Enrico saw a few fish jumping on his right side, around 50 meters longer from his rigs, he decided then to reel in one rod and switch from a safety lead clip presentation to a helicopter presentation, a more efficient presentation when distance is needed.

The Quasar Rod 12ft 3.25lbs and Mimicry Mirage 12lbs did the rest in delivering the hookbait over 130 yards. After less than half an our a slow run... and shortly after this nice mirror was ready for a quick photo session!
Carp from the Alps
Our Italian consultant, Stefano Gulmanelli, recently ventured to Austria to fish some high altitude lakes for carp. It was quite a tentative exploratory trip, but it ended up being quite successful with a handful of chunky common carp in perfect condition being landed.

IT just goes to prove that anything is possible!
11 takes in two days
Here's the latest from our Croatian consultant, Miho Vudrag.

"Last weekend I was fishing in the mountain lake Mrzla Vodica. In Croatia it's still very hot so this is one of a few destinations where you can enjoy fishing in low temperatures ( 15C during night).

The water and nature around the lake is beautiful and the carp are very strong. In two days of fishing I had 11 bites, but I lost a few carp in grass and underwater trees.

I was fishing with Prologic C2 „Natura“ rods 12ft 2.75ft, Okuma „Trio rex“, nylon Mimmicry 3D 0.35mm, in- line system with stiff rig of Prologic VX2 florocarbon 0.50mm and hooks C3 nb4. I feed only with cobra on 15mm boilies CC Moore N-gage, most bites I had on 2 x 15mm bottom boilies.

Also the Prologic goal posts had a very important role, because they saved my rods four times from falling into the lake".

Tight lines
Grinning from ear to ear
14 Year old Tyler managed to sneak his 9ft tele C.O.M rods in the car before his mum and dad set off on there annual holiday.

Under the watchful eye of his father, our UK consultant Rik Johnson, they spotted a fish roll just off the end of the island on near by day ticket water.

Tyler immediately cast a small pva bag of pellet towards it, were he presented a Trusty Baits wafter on the NEW size 8 XC7 hook to Viper NS hooklink. Well, he did not have to wait long, after a screaming take and hard battle the biggest common in the lake was in Tylers net.

That grin says it all !!
True Beauty
Here's Marco Dalla Libera from Italy with a stunning mirror carp caught during his last session in a small canal.
Marco was fishing with his new set of Prologic Quasar rods in 10ft versions, single hookbaits on XC4 hook and Reptilian V2 coated hooklinks.

Congrats Marco!
The Dark Common
Our German consultant Stefan Gysbers was fishing his club water doing some final testing on our new SLP rod pod that will be released around the middle of September.

It was a great day and the rod pod performed perfectly even with strong side runs. This beautiful common was the perfect ending to this successful day. The SLP rod pod is now fully tested and ready after almost 2 years of development!
Fast Water Action
Italian team member Fabio Pellizzari recently caught a bunch of good common carp on the mighty Po river. Due to the extremely hot weather Fabio decided to fish a pretty deep area where the current is flowing fast, creating perfect conditions for carp. (They tend to spend most of the time in these kinds of spots due to the better oxygen conditions).

The Prologic Fast Water rods 12'6" 4lbs are simply the best rods available for this situation thanks to the powerful but forgiving action that allow to cast leads up to 14Oz plus PVA bags. They also have plenty of progressive action to tame big carp in fast flowing waters.

Well done Fabio !!
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