C-Series Convertible Long Legs Rod Pod

This long leg version rod pod for carp fishing is the perfect solution when fishing carp at range or on powerful rivers.


Bluebell Campaign Episode 2 - Carp Fishing

Frank Warwick ventures to Bluebell Lakes in search of an early session carp and discusses tactics and mindset on tackling open access day ticket water...


Open Access Diaries, Red Beeches Fishery Episode 5

Carp Fishing From a Private Island with Simon Dew - Simon talks bait, baiting strategy, rigs and tactics...and how to catch carp...


Commander - Blend in, stand out

Our German Prologic Team has made this amazing movie about our Commander product range - you don't wanna miss this one...


The Full Commander Range - Carp Fishing - Blend in, Stand Out

What are you waiting for? Leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time - and go and catch the Carp of your dreams...


Blend in, Stand Out - The Commander Range - Carp fishing

Blending into your surroundings can be key to standing out with results.... The art of concealment is sometimes a carp angler’s best friend, which ...


New Linear Fisheries, Tar Farm - Carp Fishing - with Hugh Barnes

Hugh Barnes ventures to the brand new fishery complex Tar Farm at the ever expanding Linear Fisheries. Hugh fishes 3 out of the 5 new lakes for Carp, ...


Dream Session, Open Access Diaries Episode 4 - Carp fishing

Simon returns to Combley Lakes and talks bait, baiting strategy, rigs and tactics in the forth of many videos planned for the Prologic Channel - this ...


Fulcrum Reels after 6 months of use

Quality and durability – Simon Dew Talks about the Fulcrum XD and BF Reels after 6 months of use.


Silty Mere Session - carp fishing

A few of the Prologic Team venture to a silty mere in Shropshire for a few days to try their luck against some stunning carp in tricky conditions...