Day Ticket Diaries at Brasenose

In the video Ben Steger and Ed Betteridge goes thru how they use different tactics, baits, baiting, rigs and distances...


C-Series Bite & Fight Reels

Small on price, but big on performance – this free spool reel has been designed for carp anglers with high standards who don’t want to break the bank.


Avenger Bite & Fight Reels

AVENGER BF - With sleek and stealthy aesthetics and a matt black body, this reel offers a performance level just as good as it looks...


Element Reels

ELEMENT XD - Product Code: PLP004 Offering the perfect balance between lightness, strength and smooth performance the Element XD is built on a graphi...


Fulcrum Big Pit Reels

FULCRUM XD - For carp anglers, the name Prologic stands for quality and durability – and that’s the ethos we’ve poured into our new Fulcrum carp reels...


Big Pit Reels

Bite & Fight reels – instead of choosing to use either a quick-drag system or a regular freespool system, we have combined the two into one reel, givi...


Fulcrum Session Bivvy

Offering the very best in spacious and practical design, the Fulcrum Session bivvy is designed to provide session anglers with a comfortable base to f...


Inspire 46" Landing Net

Without doubt the most stylish, elegant and best-functioning landing net we’ve ever produced – we are pretty proud of the Inspire 46”.


K3 Carbon Low Profile Rod Pod

Heaps of hard work and innovation from our highly skilled consultancy team has helped produce these new low-profile rod pods – probably the most compa...


Element Bankware

A collection of fully adjustable two and three-rod buzz bars that fit with alignment collars, allowing your bite alarms to be perfectly aligned withou...